People — Life Stories

Occasionally while I am transcribing or looking up something unrelated, a person or family stands out as interesting, or needs further investigating. Here are a few of those I've written up, with more added over time.

  From Melksham to the Prairies — The long journey taken by the Ellis family of Melksham.
Read how their decision to convert to Mormanism led this King Street family to be ostracised to the point of having to leave everything behind, only to face the journey across America's wild west in the 1800s.
  Left on doorstep to master tailor — The amazing life of a young man who suffered tragedy.
Read about the remarriage of his mother, then left with a widowed stepfather, to then lose a wife in a tragic fire accident and a son in WWI. He overcame a deformity to become a master tailor.