Roots of  The Well House Collection

The Well House Collection started as a privately owned cornucopia of Melksham photographs and ephemera acquired by Lisa Ellis as she learned more about the heritage of her adopted home. Through this research it was discovered that there was much hidden history that Melksham had to be proud of, and she wanted to share this information.

Lisa's husband, Graham Ellis, started Well House Consultants Ltd., a computer training company, in 1995. She met Graham in the summer of 1996; from then she casually helped with the business until they married in 1998, and from that point they worked together full time out of their home. The business grew and they bought the property now known as Well House Manor in 2006. This enabled them to enlarge their meeting room space and offer residential courses.

Well House Manor grew to offer leisure and business accommodation, meeting rooms and a cafe in addition to the training courses held there. With strong encouragement from colleague and friend, Phil McMullen, an additional meeting room was converted to house The Well House Collection with the intention of freely sharing information and research, as well as displaying photographs and ephemera, with the general public.

With the support of the Melksham community, the museum has become a tribute to Melksham's heritage. This support comes in many ways, through volunteering, donations and artefact loans, and it thrives on the enthusiasm shown for the efforts.

People behind The Well House Collection



Moved to Melksham in 2000. Works for Well House Consultants Ltd. as Administrator. Background in magazine production, graphic design and marketing. Extensive experience in genealogy, advocate of the relational database; amateur sleuth and architect. For any research questions, email Lisa.



Phil McMullen is an experienced Community Partnerships professional who works closely with a broad range of groups and organisations across West Wiltshire. He is President of the Melksham Trust, a Director of Melksham Tourist Information Ltd and the curator of the Well House Collection (the Museum of Melksham).

Having lived in Melksham for over 40 years, with an abiding personal interest in 20th Century domestic and industrial architecture, Phil is keen to both share and hear more about what made Melksham the place it is today. To enquire about visiting the museum, donations, loans, or community involvement, email Phil.

Special Mention



Alison Christie, Rachel Cope, Linda De Santiz, Lisa Forgacs, Becca Hams, Steve Petty



David Abbott, Frank Alford, Margaret Alston, Alan Baines, Cathy Berry, Joan Branson, Simon Brewer, Bill Brown, Paul Carter, S Chapman, Paul Charlton, Alison Christie, Dolly at Gompels, Norman Drake, Graham Ellis, English Heritage, Forces War Records, Stephen Gray, Melksham and District Historical Association, Mick Hitchins, Russell Hobbs, Marion Howard, Anne Hutchinson, Heather McMullen, John Money, National Archives, Peter Robins, Anthony Seager, Brian Thomas, Catherine Thomson, Sarah Upshaw, Bob Vennell, David Webb, Teri Welch, Paul White, Peter Williams, Wiltshire and Swindon Historical Archives, Wiltshire OPC, Wilts and Berks Canal Trust, Andy and Christine York