The Well House Collection is is comprised of documents, ephemera, books, photographs and audio/visual files that chronicle the history of Melksham and surrounding villages in Wiltshire, England.

Acquisitions are privately funded, donated and loaned to be freely seen and used for study by members of the public.

The collection is housed at Well House Manor, and many of these items can be viewed on this website. Documents, maps, books and transcribed censuses can be freely downloaded by clicking the links on the right sidebar. These files will be a treasured source of information for you researching your family roots, your house history, or just learning about the Melksham area in general and the remarkable people who once lived here.

We also have volunteers who will be happy to help you in your research; please do stop by or get in touch for anything we can help you with.

Do you have items you think would be interesting to others? We accept donations and take items on temporary loan. Do you have old photographs of Melksham? We are happy to scan them for you so your treasures can be enjoyed without the originals becoming damaged.

The Well House Collection is passionate about Melksham history, and if you are too, and enjoy puzzles, forensics, research and learning, you might want to consider volunteering to help!

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Including daily updates of "On this day ..." An interesting collection of births, marriages and deaths of people relating to Melksham and surrounding villages. This also features several in-depth biographies, newspaper accounts, photos and interesting information of those listed.

What's new?

Updated Thursday, 25 February, 2016

  • COMPLETED: 1881 Census - This entire census is now complete and online. It was previously missing District 2 (Whitley and Shaw) but this has now been found and transcribed.
  • UPLOADED: 1911 Census - Transcribing is still ongoing, but good progress is being made. This is our latest upload which is apporximately halfway to completion.
  • Please note: We are constantly making changes to the census transcriptions, so there might be changes not reflected in the latest upload. We are also anxious to hear from you for any corrections to be made. Please get in touch!